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What is fire roasted tomatoes

Fire roasted tomatoes are exactly as they sound, charred tomatoes over an open flame. Which are then diced and canned. Fire roasted tomatoes give any dish a nice smokey flavor. A great addition to any salsa, soup or sauce.

What is béchamel

Bechamel is a milky white sauce flavored with an onion pique, nutmeg, spices and a butter, flour mixture called a roux. Bechamel Sauce has its origin in Classic French Cuisine, known as one of the “mother sauces.”

What is slurry

A slurry is a mixture of equal parts cornstarch to water. The water is whisked with the cornstarch to make a thickening agent. A slurry acts like roux and can be used in thickening soups, stews, sauces, and gravy.