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How To Julienne Onions

Julienne is a French term for shaping the food by cutting it into thin sticks. In general, Julienne cuts look similar to matchsticks.

For other vegetables like carrots, celery, or peppers, it may provide an easily edible raw garnish. But for our sake, it is for fast and even caramelization. Use this method of thinly slicing to prepare caramelized onions.

Pro Tip

Slice the onions as thin and consistent as possible, while keeping the cuts consistent. This will result in even and quicker cooking of the carmelized onions. Take your time.

How to Julienne Onions

Basic method to thinly slice onions, useful for caramelizing.


  • Onions


  • Cutting Board
  • Sharp knife, long and thin



Total time: 5 minutes

  1. Remove the skins

    Carefully cut both ends of the onion just enough to expose the inside. After the ends are trimmed, carefully peel away the skin. Slice in half going directly through the center of the root to the top. If there is any of the core still intact you will want to cut it off and remove.

  2. Thinly slice the onion

    Place the halved onions flat side down onto the cutting board. Beginning from one end, slicing long thin strips. You will want to follow along the natural curves of the onion. The angle of your knife should start on a 45 degree angle. Move to a 90 degree at the top of the onion. End on a 45 toward the center again.


Julienned onions

Finally, as you are finished slicing the onions, you will have thin strips of onions that can be separated. These onions can now be caramelized and put on a mushroom truffle sandwich, cooked quickly, or placed on a burger raw.

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