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Luna & Nate of Cooking Up Vegan

We’re avid fruit and veggie lovers. All of the vegan recipes that you will find here are products of our experience, passion, and travels.

We met working in 2018 at a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, CA. Together, we have a combined experience of over 15 years as professional chefs. We have worked under famous chefs such as Thomas KellerGeoffrey ZakarianMatthew Kenney, and David Lee.

Since we met, not only have we been (literally) inseparable, but our culinary tastes have complimented each other. We were looking for a creative outlet to share the food we make at home, Cooking Up Vegan was born.

We have done much research and investigation on a plant based lifestyle. Our focus is how plant based choices affect our bodies and the ecosystems around the globe. As a result, our vegan lifestyle has rewarded us with a deep sense of gratitude and compassion for the earth and all its creatures.

We are grateful to contribute to the preservation of soils, oceans, and atmosphere for future generations through our diet. We have now dedicated our careers to sharing our own plant based creations.

Our vegan recipes are healthy for the mind, body, earth and wallet.


Luna started her plant based journey in 2010 after a school project focused on American food and agricultural systems. Taking her food habits into her own hands, she began to work at local farmers markets selling raw vegan sushi.

Luna expanded her knowledge on veganism traveling the world. In Hawaii she worked in a local smoothie cafe, learning all about farm to table. In Israel, she took a permaculture and sustainable design course learning to grow her own food and cook with the harvest.

Her passion for a plant based diet and wholesome eating led to the restaurant industry. There she specialized in raw and savory vegan cuisine. Her skills expanded working for the most celebrated vegan chefs of our time. Luna has retired from the restaurant business to pursue her passions of blogging and eating her creations.


Nate grew up in the countryside, helping in the kitchen and tending the family garden. His love for cooking began as he watched and helped his mother cook meals from scratch every night. Following this passion, he decided to pursue a career as a professional chef. Nate began his culinary career in a very traditional manner.

He trained at one of the top culinary schools in the nation lead by certified master chefs. After completing school, he went on to work at a Michelin star restaurant, including a two star Michelin chef.

His decision to turn to a plant based lifestyle began when he watched documentaries focused on veganism, such as Cowspiracy, What The Health and Earthlings. Nate also gave up meat and fish in his professional career, deciding to work only with plant based cuisine. He now has become a full time food blogger.

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